It’s been a great year

The very first year of existence is generally uneventful for new start-ups. For a whole year, majority of start-ups spend equal time on finding their place under the sun, and on finding actual paying customers for their product or services. Evoc turns one today. Our first year may go down as largely uneventful in the larger […]

What is strategy

Strategy, like synergy and sex, begets its legions of proclaimed experts. The Harvard Business Review calls its cartoon, Strategic Humor. Strategy can also be beguilingly easy to for an intrepid observer to call out as such. However, strategic choices, or the lack of one, are universally cited among the primary reasons for downfall of modern […]

Working at Evoc

For an accomplished and ambitious professional like you, joining Evoc may turn out be your best career decision yet. Evoc aims to be the best place to work in the communications industry, undisputed. We know what it takes. And we are more than happy changing some rules and challenging all conventions to hit our aim. […]

Introducing Evoc

The sweeping and ongoing changes in the way people gather, process and internalize information have escaped only a few. The emergence of diverse demographic groups in a country like India is equally astounding. The average urban individual, once determined and armed with an Internet-connected device, can find and decode within hours almost everything she wishes […]