The very first year of existence is generally uneventful for new start-ups. For a whole year, majority of start-ups spend equal time on finding their place under the sun, and on finding actual paying customers for their product or services.

Evoc turns one today. Our first year may go down as largely uneventful in the larger scheme of things; however the anniversary calls for a reflection on where are we today, juxtaposed against where we wanted to be in the first place.

Evoc was borne out of an idea – to establish the gold standard in communications consultancy. It’s an idea, a vision that we feel strongly connected to today, more than ever. I’d like to believe we have taken more than baby steps towards this vision after a year. Of course, we need to walk, run and sprint towards it as we grow bigger this year onwards. I am also proud of the team that we are building at Evoc; I love working with all of them and I would hazard a guess that the feeling is mutual.

Personally, I’ve been pleasantly overwhelmed by the support and recognition Evoc has received in the first year. Friends have become clients, and our clients have become friends. Today we are proud to work with clients across industries as varied as hospitality, social mobile, power and IT. We are more proud of the fact that every single client of Evoc is leading and driving its respective industry forward, if not actually disrupting it. Many of them are start-ups and it amazes me to see how perfectly our energy matches with theirs. Into our second year, we hope to continue to deliver an exceptional level of service that they have come to justly expect from us.

The second year is expected to be eventful for all start-ups. We are looking to grow much bigger and go beyond Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. We are looking to expand our digital and creative capacities, in close consultation with our existing partners. We are looking to get some recognition for our work. And we are looking to become an even more fabulous place to work.

It’s been a great first year for us, and we’re in great shape for the next.


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